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  • Health equity knowledge development: A conversation with Black nurse researchers

    PHaJI Author: LD Oakley, PhD, RN Can the institutional systems that prepare Black nurse researchers question the ways their systemic pathways have impacted health equity knowledge development in nursing? We invite our readers to keep …

  • Planetary health nursing

    PHaJI Author: Jessica LeClair, MPH, RN Planetary health is focused on the interconnectedness of the health of humans, other species, and the physical environment. Disruption of the Earth’s natural ecosystems due to human overconsumption, disregard …

  • Defining climate justice in nursing for public and planetary health

    PHaJI Author: Jessica LeClair, MPH, RN Climate change is an immediate public health threat, inflicting unjust burdens on marginalized and displaced peoples and their surrounding ecosystems. Without focused and strategic action, these injustices will exacerbate …